Handely Finance - Title Loans in Grove City, Ohio

Are you experiencing financial problems that are causing you severe stress? There is no reason for you to endure this type of stress when you can turn to us at Handely Finance for a convenient car title loan. We have helped people in all types of financial circumstances in Grove City. When you need a fast loan without hassles, you can turn to us. Our friendly loan representatives are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding how to take out a title loan.

Car title is a loan collateral

First, you should understand what a title loan is and what is involved in applying for a title loan. The only collateral or security that is required for a title loan is the title to your vehicle. At Handely Finance, we accept all sorts of vehicles of all ages as collateral for loans.

Get free estimate

Our online application ensures that you can apply for your loan quickly and conveniently. We will generate an automatic loan estimate for you as soon as your application is submitted. This amount is only an estimate. The final amount of your loan will depend on your income as well as the condition and mileage of your vehicle. There is absolutely no application fee to apply for a title loan with us.

Speak to our representative

After you have received your loan estimate, we will arrange for you to speak to a loan representative through a phone consultation. We ask that you have your wage or income information available during this consultation. Doing so will help to speed up the loan process so that we can complete your loan as quickly as possible. Be prepared to discuss the terms of your loan, including your repayment schedule and ability to repay your loan.


Please be aware that we will also need to verify that you do not have any other loans on your vehicle. We will also need to confirm that you do not have any other liens against your vehicle title. Finally, before we can fund your loan, we will need to see your driver license or state-issued ID. This is to confirm both your identity and your age. Based on legal guidelines, we are not allowed to issue title loans to minors.

Bad credit?

You do not need to be concerned about credit scores. To be approved for title loans Grove City residents do not need a minimum credit score. We accept applicants with all types of credit histories and scores.

Keep driving your car

Some people are worried that they will lose their vehicle by taking out a car title loan. Keep in mind that a title loan is not a pawn. We will not keep your vehicle while you are paying off the loan. You may continue using your vehicle. We only require that you make payments for the loan on time. If you experience problems in making your payments on time, it is important that you let us know as quickly as possible. It may be possible for us to restructure your loan.

The Title Loan Process

Do you have any income source to repay your loan?

To be approved for a title loan, you will need to have some type of income. It is not necessary for you to have income from a job. Other types of approved income include, pension income, disability benefits, Social Security, child support, alimony, etc.

What can you use loan money for?

There is no reason to worry that your reason for borrowing money will be rejected. We know that when applying for title loans Grove City residents might have all sorts of reasons for needing to borrow money. We believe that your reason for needing a loan is your private business. Whether you need to pay college tuition, replace a broken hot water heater, repair the brakes on your car, or pay a speeding ticket, you do not have to be worried that we will turn down your loan due to your reason for needing a loan.

How long is the approval process?

Auto title loans are different from other loans. You should be aware of those differences prior to submitting an application. Among the most significant differences between title loans and other types of loans is that your credit is not solely a factor. Second, you can usually receive the funds from a title loan much faster than from other types of loans. Whereas, it could take several days or even longer to be approved for a bank loan, the funds from a vehicle title loan can typically be received within one business day. The repayment period for a title loan may be shorter than a bank loan, as it is a short-term loan. With that said, you may find that you have longer to repay a title loan than a payday loan. You may also be able to borrow more money using your vehicle as collateral for a car title loan than taking out a cash advance against your next paycheck.